The brainchild or demented science of Entrepreneur Antonio Ferguson . A former collegiate and social athlete that was injured in a car accident and refused to rehabilitate by using any form of enhancement or Steroid supplements.  Hence using basic natural products realized the healing and nutritional value of  “ Natural Products” especially for professional & everyday athletes. From humble beginnings and realizing how expensive sports products are for families – he wanted to create a brand that is for everyone.” Naturally Athletic is putting money back  in the hands of the everyday consumer- by offering excellent athletic products at an economical price-​

"We believe everyone has the right to play the game not just the elite. Real Athletes just need a field, ball and strong desire to win no excuses! No Private Schools, No coaches-Just you and your natural ability to play the game " Antonio Ferguson 

 NA-™ one that utilizes its own abilities with no enhancements to become – Naturally Athletic 

Everything.  It's unusual- but simple. Creative  but ordinary. One that is simple as 1.2.3 but as diverse as calculus.   From New York to LA- London to Australia Naturally Athletic – Win No Excuses- will be the most viable sports enterprise ever. The question we should ask everyone in the world is  “Are You Naturally Athletic”  and become the new paradigm of Sports.    

Introducing the greatest secret sports brand in North America- a trademarked brand that can operate within all markets in the world.  Naturally Athletic is unlike any of its competitors primarily because of the many ancillary segments of the company. Creative areas such as Athletic Shoes, Quality Performance Sportswear, Television, Magazines, Breakfast Cereals, Sports Drinks, Hygiene products, Nutritional Supplements . Most of the company’s competitors only have one of the market segments – Naturally Athletic has Lifestyle Branding​

“It Can’t Be Done” – We have heard this multiple times from companies that cannot think outside the box. Companies that have not experienced a once in a lifetime “Game Changing “ Brand with a Cross- Branded appeal- everyday product name that would work in all markets with multiple products- An Enigma. A Fluke or Is it Genius? 

Marketing Strategy

Keep it Simple, Memorable & Heavy Rotation. We will utilize conventional and non-conventional marketing concepts to keep the consumer thinking of Naturally Athletic. From utilizing shrink wrapped marketing vehicles to placing branded products on professional athletes- NA will change the look & feel of the average sports brand. In the “Age of Steroids” a sports nutrition brand made from “Seed to Solution” 100% Natural that would have a great affect on everyone from youth to adults to build a healthy lifestyle- would assist in everything from lowering healthcare costs to developing self- esteem in younger athletes by being a “winner not a cheater”. We have built strategic alliances with many major companies to license and/or partner with us to bring the best possible product to the market. This would ensure worldwide distribution and minimize production costs. Remember- this is a powerful unique trademarked brand that would be a great fit for any potential consumer. Let's shock the world with the new concept. Your Concept!.

"The most important thing a brand must have is a unique selling proposition (USP) based on truth, key messages to communicate the USP, and a creative marketing plan that spreads the word in a believable fashion, quickly, and to targeted audiences." What’s Naturally Athletic – USP? It is easily defined – Total Market Saturation.

Naturally Athletic products stand out in the-Billion Dollar Sports Market by bringing creativity, innovative & cost effective products to the marketplace with local passion points to stand out & “Stand Alone” in the saturated sports product marketplace. A True Lifestyle Brand
. ​