Naturally Athletic Foundation was created to assist youth worldwide with assistance to improve the lives of underprivileged youth in America by providing economically priced athletic sneakers, medical assistance and childhood obesity initiatives. Our program will help prevent childhood obesity by encouraging play, nutrition and healthy living. All programs will be tailored for every child regardless of economic makeup.
How Can you Help the Children?
 The Star Is Born Foundation—a joint initiative of the with your company’s community relations programs—has been creating a company with a mission to get kids moving and exercise daily inspiring millions of kids to live healthier lives. Our Goal immediately is to help 100,000 Children with affordable Athletic Sneakers ($10) to get them started in sports, activity and confidence across the country. NA Star is Born Foundation have engaged in and made the commitment to learn about healthy lifestyles to help children, their families, friends and communities make positive changes.
The goal of our “Star is Born Foundation” is to empower millions of kids to make healthy behavior changes and become leaders and advocates for physical activity and healthy eating.

So your $10 Donation can go a long way in helping a community       

Why are we doing this? 

Childhood obesity is one of our nation’s leading health threats. Today, nearly 1 in 3 kids and teens in the U.S. are obese or overweight—that’s approximately 1 in 3 kids. Due to obesity-related healthy complications, many believe that if this trend continues to increase, this current generation of young people could be the first in American history to live shorter lives than their parents. Without proper equipment and motivation a child can forget to exercise and our foundation will seek to take some of the economic burden off of parents by offering Affordable Athletic Sneakers, Free Health Screening and Nutritional.

How We’re Building a Healthier Generation of Americans
Over the next two years, we’ll be expanding the Star is Born Foundation by giving kids a voice and growing our national and grassroots collaborations. We plan to host a range of activities and programs for young people with that will increase their knowledge and activism around healthy eating, health screenings and physical activity and empower them to apply that knowledge in their homes and communities for the rest of their lives.

Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity is one of nations leading healthcare concerns. Nearly 45% of our children in the U.S are Overweight or Obese. Either from poor diet or lack of exercise- the healthcare concern is growing. The children are developing adult healthcare issues and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and some have extreme long term health concerns. As of 2009, According to U.S Centers for Disease Control 1 out of 3 individuals born in the year 2008 will develop Type 2 Diabetes- we are sure 10 years later the rate has doubled. In less supported areas of the U.S- underprivileged children chances increase tremendously. At this rate – our future youth may live shorter lives than our ancestors.

NA needs many great partnerships to fight this major Healthcare Concern. Resources from major corporations, government and private sectors are needed to combat this epidemic to stop the nationwide growth in Childhood obesity in the future. We need our children to have an opportunity to live longer healthier lives. 
The Foundation is on the forefront of change and has created multiple partnerships with community programs, educational & healthcare organizations to reach an extensive portion of our demographic. Our troops as we like to call them are on the ground in the communities spreading the information and creating programs (After School, summer and Development) that will assist our youth in a grassroots approach that they can understand to hopefully eliminate this epidemic in the future

NA Foundation believes that healthy living begins in (2) key areas in a child’s life- Home & Community. We believe the most efficient way in assisting the initiative is to educate families on healthy choices in diet and stress the importance of a limited sugar and salt diet while educating on the need for less fast food in the development of the children’s food choices. Education will need to reiterate the lifestyle choices by improving in areas of education

Give us a call if you would like to help or just donate $10 or more to help children around the country.

"Every Child in the country deserves the right

to have to best equipment possible to become

fit and Naturally Athletic"
                              Tony Ferguson